Confined Space Training Course

Course Background:

This training course is designed for any personnel who are likely to be working in a confined space. Confined space refers to any place, including any vessel, tank, container, pit, bund, chamber, cellar or any other similar space which by virtue of its enclosed nature, creates conditions that give rise to a likelihood of an accident, harm or injury.

Course Content:

  • Outcomes of the Confined Space Regulations 2001
  • Personal protection and hygiene requirements
  • Risk assessing residual hazards
  • Types of gaseous atmosphere, portable gas monitoring equipment and their use
  • The use of harness tripod / man-riding winch, fall arrest and safety line
  • The use of escape breathing apparatus as part of a self rescue procedure
  • Safe entry, working and exit procedures with respect to confined spaces
  • Emergency procedures and practical exercises
  • Knowledge and skill assessment exercises for planning, entering, working and exiting confined spaces using escape breathing apparatus as a part of the planned means for self rescue

Learning Outcomes:

Participants of this course will reach a high level of competence when working in confined spaces. This will allow them to access hazards associated with confined spaces, plan rescue procedures and ensure that safe work practices are put in place.

This Course is Designed For:

Any person who needs to develop the essential underpinning skills and knowledge required to plan, enter, work and exit confined spaces including via a vertical shaft and where escape breathing apparatus is a part of the planned means of self rescue.

What to Bring to This Course:

Participants should wear comfortable clothing for practical activities. Delegates should bring their own safety footwear, waterproof clothing, hard hat and working gloves for the practical exercises. The course is available using either compressed air breathing apparatus or chemical re-breather breathing apparatus as preferred by the client.

Duration of the Course:

1 Day.


A maximum of 12 people.


On completion of this course, participants receive certification signed off by a qualified course instructor.

Important Note:

This is a physically demanding course and delegates must be deemed medically suitable by their employer.