Manual Handling

On Completion of your Manual Handling course you will:

  • Be aware of the legislative requirements in relation to manual handling
  • Acquire the basic knowledge on risk factors for back problems and in maintaining a healthy back
  • Be aware of how to carry out a basic personal/dynamic manual handling risk assessment to determine if the load can be handled safely
  • Be aware of the specific manual handling hazards in their work area identified in the task specific manual handling risk assessment and on measures to avoid or reduce the risk of injury including use of mechanical aids or reorganisation of the work activity.
  • State the main principles of safer manual handling
  • Carry out relevant manual handling techniques and understand the need to further develop these skills in the workplace

How often do employees need refresher training?

Refresher training will be at intervals not more than every three years and when there is any major change in the work involved or equipment used or when an employee is transferred to another activity requiring different loads to be handled.

Course Locations:

Manual Handling Courses are available nationwide and are delivered onsite at your company or we can organise a suitable venue close to your location.